Self-Care Strategies When Dealing with Anxiety

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We are often afraid of silence, because emptiness feels unproductive, scary and worries might come to surface. So we fill our lives with noise, clutter, and chaos.

Silence can be powerful, therapeutic, and the remedy for our stress, anxiety, and the habits that crush us. If we want quiet and peace in our lives, how do we created?

Here are some strategies to create space and sooth anxiety:

  1. Valuing the Person You Are: Appreciate the person you are by providing kind thoughts and actions to yourself.

  2. Refocus on the Reward: Remember to focus on the benefit and privileges you have; practice gratitude.

  3. Recognize the Hazards: Acknowledge and accept day to day challenges.

  4. Minding the Body: Remember to practice the essential;s of health living: sleep, eat, have fun.

  5. Seeking Nurturing Relationships: Cultivate support among friends, family members, mentors. Ask the question, “Who can I trust?”

  6. Sustain Healthy Escapes: Seek restorative activities that keep you vital and engaged.

  7. Cultivate Spirituality and Mission: Connect to sources of meaning and value in your life

  8. Foster Creativity and Growth.


Learn to seek professional help sooner than later. Engaging in psychotherapy on a periodic basis as a form of positive self-development.