The theoretical approach I use is grounded in Person Centered Theory with an emphasis on the relational component, which guides my case conceptualization and therapy. I value and often implement approaches and techniques focusing on mindfulness and self-compassion, according to the needs of the patient. I value the therapeutic relationship as the most significant aspect of psychotherapy as it sets the foundation for the course of treatment.

As a form of healing, holistic psychotherapy strives to address the symptoms of psychological and emotional distress that result from anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues. However, this method of therapy diverges from traditional psychotherapy in the method used to combat and correct these issues. Holistic therapy focuses not on the behaviors and thoughts that present from specific issues. Rather, this form of therapy concentrates its attention on the relationship people have with their world and how it is expressed through their sense of feeling, thinking, and being.

Holistic counseling is viewed as a preventive therapy in that it teaches a person to recognize the symptoms of an issue and address them before they infect the rest of the body as a whole. This technique is useful in the treatment of couples, individuals, and families and helps uncover underlying reasons for symptomatic behaviors and emotions. During counseling sessions, clients are taught to identify their situations of concern and learn ways to heal themselves. They are then empowered to address any difficult situations that manifest in the future in healthier, more productive and beneficial ways.

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“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well”
— Alfred Adler