Are you looking for psychological services in Chicago, Il to treat your anxiety symptoms?


You’re feeling worried and stressed; have anxiety attacks that come out of the blue adding to your irritability and muscular tension. You are anxious in social situations, have a hard time with small talk and meeting new people. These unwanted thoughts concern you. Although these feelings may come and go, they return and keep you feeling defeated. You want to get back to the person you were before, but it’s hard to imagine that it’ll happen. You have tried self-help and found that it doesn’t help or give you enough relief. On good days it feels like things will return to normal, but anxiety creeps in and keeps coming back. And on a bad day, it’s likely you feel like life is spinning out of control. You feel overwhelmed, the worry is starting to creep into every aspect of you life.

You are not alone- anxiety is one of the most common reasons people reach out to for help. Whether you are feeling stuck and unhappy, or just want a place to explore and enhance yourself and your life, I can help you meet your goals.  As a psychologist, my psychotherapy sessions offer a confidential caring environment and strive to integrate mindfulness to help individuals regain a sense of control and improve your quality of life. I appreciate that individuals cannot be entirely understood in isolation. Effective psychotherapy needs to consider the numerous interrelated factors that exist in the environment and impact functioning. I strive to create a safe place where respect, presence, compassion, and mutuality are the foundation of the therapeutic relationship. 

If you want to book a counseling session contact Dr.Sejdaras’ office at 847-529-1980 to discuss a free 15 minute initial consultation.

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